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ClearSpec Single Use Vaginal Speculum

“Empowering Better Visualization”

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ClearSpec Single Use Vaginal Speculum

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NEW! ClearSpec LED Illuminator

  • Reposable, high powered LED light source
  • Fits into the handle of the ClearSpec speculum
  • Provides more than 2 hours of light
  • Cordless and battery operated

My practice has traditionally used metal speculums for many years but I have found that incorporating ClearSpec Speculums into my practice has been extremely useful. It has really helped me tremendously in visualizing the cervix especially in patients with pelvic floor support defects. I have also found it extremely useful for my procedures in that it facilitates a clearer view of the cervical os, which is essential.
I use it now for all my Colposcopies, Hysteroscopies, IUD placements and Endometrial Biopsies. In my opinion, this is clearly a device that should be standard of care for every OB/GYN office.

Dr. Steven Fern

Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

I currently use the ClearSpec Speculum for all pelvic exams except for those requiring an extra small speculum.  The bonded sheath  improves visualization of the cervix and the cordless LED light source is very convenient.
Hillary Morris

Nurse Practitioner, Jupiter Medical Specialists

Our practice has been using the ClearSpec Speculum for a long time.  I find it to be very helpful in improving visualization of the cervix when compared to other speculums.  I would recommend it to other medical providers performing pelvic exams.

Nurse Practitioner, Chula Vista Internal Medicine

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