Its probably not surprising that 97% of patients are frustrated by long medical wait times, but learning that as many as 41% of them are willing to seek another provider in order to reduce the number of minutes waiting may be a motivating factor to show more respect for the time of both patients and staff alike at your gynecological clinic. With modern technology, it has become particularly easy for patients to share information online regarding their overall satisfaction levels at each facility, Disposable Speculums Facilitateincluding average wait times. Some of the changes to help achieve more punctual appointment times can take time to implement, but others, such as the replacement of traditional vaginal speculums with a disposable speculum with sheath designed to support excessive lateral wall tissue and minimize the amount of repositioning required, can immediately improve the efficiency of your practice by reducing exam times with no compromise to your patients.

Delegate Tasks to Administrative Professionals

Waiting for time with the doctor is the most common reason for tardy appointment times. In addition to reducing the time spent on each vaginal exam (while simultaneously improving the quality of care) with a sheathed disposable speculum, delegating more administrative tasks to other trained staff members can significantly reduce patient waiting. History and details regarding prescriptions and medical tests can often be relayed to or through a nurse before each client meets with their doctor, and some medical professionals are discovering that their own notes can be verbally dictated to an assistant during the most critical moments of doctor/patient interaction, further freeing up the doctor’s time.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Modern technology offers many opportunities to streamline your medical practice. Implementing any or all of the following is likely to improve patient and staff satisfaction:

  • Secure instant messaging reduces time spent playing “telephone tag” and can provide patients an extremely efficient direct line of communication with their medical provider.
  • Online forms can be accessed and filled out by patients before their visit to minimize time spent at the clinic.
  • Using a “Mobile Queue” app updates your patients moment by moment while allowing them to utilize their wait time freely in a nearby coffee shop, retail store, or other location of their choice.
  • Telehealth software facilitates care for minor issues without the need for a visit to the medical office.
  • Free wifi provided in your reception area reduces client frustration during wait times.

Although not all of your clients will be comfortable using technology to assist in their medical care, the majority are likely to utilize one or more of the above opportunities to better manage their own time. As a professional, using a LED vaginal illumination system with an advanced speculum design is one aspect of technology that can be implemented with all clients requiring a vaginal and/or cervical exam.

Upgrade to a Disposable Speculum With Sheath

One of the simplest improvements in efficiency you can make within your practice is to replace traditional vaginal speculums with the use a disposable speculum with sheath for each patient. The sheath is designed to support excessive lateral wall tissue commonly seen in obese or muliparous women, and reduces exam times by minimizing the need for repositioning of the speculum for clear cervical visualization and/or biopsy procedures. Available in three sizes, the ClearSpec disposable speculum with a built in light source is a great tool to facilitate punctual appointment times.
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